Paintings & Drawings

My abstract paintings on wood are layered, scraped, carved and repeated, again and again, using paint and beeswax, simultaneously revealing and concealing what went before. Akin to the way memory is both evoked and lost, specific and hazy, the work huddles in that space between clarity and fog, memory and forgetting, with ambiguous, ragged edges. Though resolutely abstract, the images are sculptural and decidedly figurative, referencing people and relationships, memories, moments in time, awkward pauses, divisions and community. They are small, human scale, as the paintings are meant to be intimate and seen up close, like a family portrait.


The forms are repetitive, overlapping lines that allude to the natural world and the patterns that mark time:  a bulb bursting into spring, a fleeting windstorm, crows feet on aging parents, tree rings, pencil lines marking a child’s growth on the kitchen wall, an empty bird nest or streaks in melting ice. While nature, family, travel and childhood are my sources and inspiration, the paintings are truly acts of discovery, with images emerging along the way, like nuggets from a good story slowly revealed over time. The goal is not to set out to paint a certain “thing” or a situation, but to let the painting and images unfold.

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